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Rules that help software developers to speed up and improve the quality of their testing significantly and use their valuable time on the creative part of code production.
Unit Testing That Works.
Ebook Series: The 9 Fundamental Rules for Better Code Every Day.
It's time to say goodbye to faulty tests and time consuming test case creation.
Ready to stop guessing and start automating? Download Part 1 out of 9 Ebooks!
Never feel stumped when faced with Test Automation.
How to structure your Unit Test Project and using the right tools.
Learn how to eliminate barriers to Test Automation.
Know exactly where the pain points in Software Testing are located,
In this free guides, you’ll learn how to:
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  • Part 1: "The Tester's Dilemma" - Limits of manual testing
  • Part 2: "The Test Automator's Dilemma" - Barriers to Test Automation
  • Part 3: "The Manager's Dilemma" - how to "sell" testing effort
  • Part 4: "The stages of test automation"
  • Part 5: "Using the right tools"
  • Part 6: "How to structure your Unit Test Project"
  • Part 7: "CI or NB - how to ensure code quality with test automation"
  • Part 8: "Choose wisely: Effort vs Value in Software Testing" - When to stop testing
  • Part 9: "Artificial Testing - AI in Unit Testing"
What’s inside the eBook series?
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